Basket of Flowers

LD 5-1

It’s a wrap!

Last day at Nana Cake Intermediate Course for Korean Buttercream Flowers happened in lightning speed, looking at all the photos in my phone and seeing my daughter happy face when I opened the cake box to show her the floral cake made me realized I did a lot today in a very short time.

The class started with the making of Freesia, Nana asked us to make 6 of them in 5 different colours then we move on to Ranunculus Hanoi which is pretty delicate and time consuming to say the least. Afterwards we moved on to Scabiosa (super intricate beyond words!) and the playful bright red Raspberry.

My favourite part of piping the buttercream today was the basket weaving, I’ve never decorated square cake before and now I’m truly intrigue, there’s something about alternating patterns that made it really cool, watch this space!


I’ve brought some cupcakes to the class and Nana decorated them for me, it’s really mind blowing what she can do with such a small space, I will have to practice my piping skill before I attend another class with Nana Cake.

Until next time Nana, kamsahamnida

Lil Miss-1

Korean Buttercream Flowers


Hello Everyone,

The moment that I’ve been waiting for is finally here!
Thanks to my better half I’m able to join the famous Nana cake decorating class in Manila this weekend. She came straight from Busan, South Korea and well known for her clean, modern yet sophisticated buttercream flowers. YES … I’m learning the beautiful art of making Korean Buttercream Flowers directly from the Master herself, one happy cake artist here!

Check out the result of my day 1 learning the art of making edible Korean buttercream flowers below, I’ve made Roses, Chrysanthemum and Apple Blossoms (the latest being the most challenging one!). Very excited to learn more flowers piping tomorrow, have a great weekend everyone.