Means love in Indonesian (my mother tongue) and it’s my daughter middle name.

These freshly baked chocolate cookies with royal icing were my treat for her since she had a very busy weeks competing in Gymnastics and Swimming representing her school team this term. We are very proud of her, she achieved her goals and medalling in every competition.


Congratulations Little Miss Cinta, your hard training days definitely pays off!



We Want Cookies

Cookie 1

Choco chips


It’s long weekend in Manila (Aug 31 is National Heroes Day holiday), my daughter invited her friend Tara for a sleepover. In between building legos, playing Xbox and swimming they kept on saying “We want Cookies!” in unison. So happily I start my baking frenzy, I’ve made dark chocolate drop cookies which they devour straight away from the baking tray (after cooling off!), then I’ve made double chocolate chips cookies (as per their request). I’ve made 2 batches at the same time, 1 with extra chocolate chips and 1 with less chocolate chips but I’ve added chopped almonds (my favourite). Once its all cooling off I placed it in a glass jar along with the sweet treats by the dining table, I put the Botero inspired bronze sculpture of these 2 ladies doing yoga pose in front of it as a teaser. Yup, you can have some cookies but not too many at a time ❤


Happy Cookie

A & E

chic cookies

Summer break is ON but it’s been raining a lot recently here in Manila, to keep ourselves warm and occupied at home we’ve baked chocolate cookies from scratch. This time I’ve got 2 baking partners, both my daughter and Ewan are Starwars crazy so I’ve given them the liberty to make as many Darth Vader and Yoda cookies as their heart desire while I’m sitting in the opposite corner with my girlie dress and purse cookie cutter, win win solutions! I’ve also made my never failed Butterscotch cookie (organic coco sugar, eggless with Belgian dark chocolate centre), it’s heavenly!  Perfect companion for my afternoon coffee, one really happy cookie here ❤

Butter Scotch

Easter Cookies


© Esti 2014 easter 1

© Esti 2014 easter 2

© Esti 2014 Easter 3

I love Spring break, it means baking Easter cookies with my Little Miss. This time around we’ve got her friend Anastasia from Jakarta joining us in the kitchen baking the chocolate cookies and decorating them with colourful sanding sugar. Afterwards 2 of Little Miss close friends from Makati came over to enjoy the cookies with them, just splendid.

Happy Easter everyone!

© Esti 20143 easter 4

© Esti 2014 easter 5

© Esti 20143U4A5832

V Day Tea Party

My daughter invited her girlfriends over for Valentine’s Day tea party after school.
Earlier this week when I asked her what food she wants for the party her answer was “Lot’s of chocolate and pink stuff, Mami.” Got it, loud and clear.

Off I went baking up a storm, I made Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, strawberry dipped in chocolate, heart shape chocolate cookies with 1001’s, meringue kisses, dulce de leche bischoco and fruit salad. Got store-bought raspberry covered in dark chocolate, pink & purple honeycombs and flower tea, voila the tea party is good to go!

© Esti 2014 red velvet heart

© Esti 2014 chocolate heart cookies

© Esti 2014 strawberry

© Esti 2014 tea party

Did the table set up with my treasured cupcake print mini tea cup set, cupcake place mat and pink table cloth, it’s a pink party alright!

Then the Little Ladies arrived, laughter were shared between flower tea, cupcake, rainbow loom and hugs.

© Esti 20143 tea party

Little Ladies

Definitely one happy mama here!

Little Miss Turns 8

© Esti 2013 Me

The big day is finally here, after 1 week running errands booking the entertainers, getting the sound system, table & chairs, confirming the photo booth and several trips to Divisoria & Binondo area (Chinatown of Manila) then I was baking for 3 days straight with the occasional break to sleep and to go to school to drop off/pick up Little Miss. I baked Chocolate cookies in star shape with crystal sugar, Alfajores (butter cookies with dulce de leche filling), eggless chocolate cookies with m&m centre, 24 caramel cake pops,Toblerone brownies, 1 giant vanilla cupcake with chocolate filling and buttercream frosting with pink rose swirl and 60 oreo cupcakes with buttercream frosting, half were decorated in crystal sugar (to match the disco party theme, as per my daughter request) the rest were in pink rose swirl and white swirl with glittery non pareil. Needless to say I was exhausted but happy, I pulled it off!

© Esti 20133U4A2080

© Esti 20133U4A2093

© Esti 2013 Giant Cupcake© Esti 2013 disco theme

Everything went well, I received nothing but compliments, we all had a blast.

Feliz cumpleanos Arielita, te quiero mucho!