Yes, that’s right, I baked 150 cupcakes (50 Chocolate, 50 Vanilla and 50 Red Velvet) for my daughter year group Moving Up Party in school. It was so much fun to be part of the party but I forgot how troublesome transporting cupcakes were!  Thank goodness for my better half, he was calm and managed to deliver them from our 57th floor apartment  all the way to the British School Manila, gracias mi amor ❤

The Party was a great success! Parents, teachers and kiddos had a blast, there were lots of food, drinks, games and dancing, welcome to the Senior School Class 2024.




Chocoholic’s Dream


Thank goodness for long weekend!

August 29 is National Heroes Day Holiday here in the Philippines, we’ve taken full advantage of it by staying put in Manila and just chillin’ in between my daughter sports training.

Decided to bake gluten free chocolate cupcakes which always a big hit in my family. Nothing beat warm chocolate cupcake, especially the gluten free ones (when they’re warm and freshly baked) thanks to ground almonds and quinoa flour that just give the most wonderful taste and aroma when mixed with dark chocolate. Once cooled off I frosted it with dark chocolate ganache and these edible roses treat are ready to party!