Double Chocolate

I’ve been baking countless vanilla madeleines the last couple of weeks as an alternative to home made banana muffin in my daughter snack box until she told me last night that she missed having cupcakes as a treat, chocolate cupcake to be more specific. So do I actually, for me chocolate cupcake with decadent dark chocolate frosting is an absolute indulgent. That’s it, in my mind I know I’m going to bake our favourite cupcake once I’m done with my errands.

Nothing beat freshly baked double chocolate treat, my happy Little Miss is enjoying it to the last bite ❤

choco 2

A cupcake

Candied Pecan, Red Wine & Raisins cupcake

pecan, raisins & red wine 1

pecan, raisins & red wine

Introducing our newest cupcake flavour for the month of January 2015, baked especially for grown-ups taste, say hello to candied pecan, red wine and raisins cupcake with chocolate frosting. It’s absolutely delicious!

The crunchy candied pecan meet the softness of raisins with a hint of full bodied red wine combination is perfect with the dark chocolate frosting. If you are in Manila, place your order now, you will LOVE it!

Gift Ideas

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Chocolate cupcakes with caramel filling and dark chocolate ganache frosting, oreo cupcakes with purple buttercream frosting in rose swirl, all dressed up and ready to go for dinner party.

Hello Friday!