Chocolate Drip Cake

It means “Thank You” in Russian.

My very first chocolate drip cake, I’ve made it for my daughter Gymnastics Coach farewell party. Loving the glossy result of the chocolate ganache, very pretty! Will try it on cupcakes one day soon.

Do Svidaniya Coach Mariya ❤

Walnut & Dates

Date & Walnut

Every now and then I’m craving for chocolate & nut flavour, my favourite combo for cupcake is Date and Walnut. This time around I tweaked my recipe and add chocolate chips into the batter, frosting was chocolate ganache and I made home made walnut toffee as a topper.

It was delicious until the last crumbs!

Caramel & Chocolate

© Esti 2013_caramel chocolate Yes, my family are crazy about these 2 flavours. Meet my latest combo of delicious concoction, it’s Caramel cupcake with dulce de leche filling and chocolate ganache icing. It is heavenly. My daughter polished it off her plate and asked for more. © Esti 2013-Little Miss Brought a tray of this yummy treat to Triathlete family gathering in friends house just now and it was a big hit, one happy baker here. © Esti 2013_caramel & chocolate