My first attempt baking  the Naked Cupcake last May was such a big success that my daughter challenged me for round 2. Instead of Toblerone filling this time she requested Marshmallow filling, which I secretly been planning to do for quite sometimes now (my daughter and I are crazy about everything with marshmallow!). Turns out marshmallow is pretty tricky to bake with but must admit it’s worth the extra effort.

Trust me,  nothing beat the warm melted marshmallow on rich freshly baked chocolate cupcake, absolutely to die for!

Cookie Sandwich



My better half grew up with Dulce de Leche (a traditional Argentinian caramel made by caramelizing sugar in milk), everytime I made cookie sandwich I only have 2 options for the filling: Caramel or Chocolate. This time around I’m only using home made caramel in baked sugar cookies and chocolate cookies, absolutely delish!

Happy Birthday Brandon

© Esti 2014  mini chocolate 2

© Esti 2014 mini chocolate 1

These are 37 mini chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting, Olga’s order for her husband, Brandon, surprise birthday celebration. She requested a camera topper and a car as a part of the cupcakes decoration, my first time creating such a tiny edible topper.

By the way, I love multicolors frosting on cupcakes, it screams party big time!

We’re Back

© Esti 2014 caramel chocolate

Hello everyone,

My daughter and I went to Bali to visit my parents and my family for couple of weeks, just got back yesterday morning and I must say that we had a blast. We did so many things in 2 weeks time that my Hubby can’t keep up with our itinerary *grin* above all its amazing to see my daughter interact with her cousins and start picking up the language, playing indeed is the fastest way to learn something new.

Now that we’re back in Manila, its catching up time with friends and let the baking begin.


PS. These are caramel cupcakes with dulce de leche filling and chocolate frosting.

Cowgirl Party

© Esti 20143U4A6681

Jolijn is turning 5 years old and her Mama throw her an awesome cowgirl party!

The nicest customer ever, Amanda ordered the cupcakes with no particular request for the design, she just told me that she will be handing out cowgirl/cowboy hat to the party goers and i can do whatever I want for the cupcakes so I made cowgirl pink hat for the cupcake topper, some number 5 and Jolijn’s name. They were mini oreo cupcakes with buttercream frosting and several kind of sprinkles. One of my favorite project from this week and my daughter had a blast at Jolijn’s party too, enjoy the photos.
© Esti 2014 Jolijn 2

© Esti 2014 Jolijn 3

© Esti 2014 Jolijn 4

© Esti 2014 Jolijn 5 first

© Esti 2014 Jolijn 5

Jolijn 7

Jolijn 8

Happy birthday Jolijn!