Pink Berries

We’re Back!

Arrived in overcast Manila safe and sound, it’s been drizzling on and off since we’re home. Unpacked all our bags and getting ready for our daily routine kicking in. Back to my baking studio today, thawed some frozen berries from the freezer this morning and start baking, mixed berries cupcakes with buttercream frosting is in the agenda, requested by Little Miss. We’ve enjoyed these berries fresh on our vacation days in North America and we love them in baked goods too here in South East Asia, home sweet home.

Enjoy your weekend everyone ❤

Strawberry Shortcake


Summer break is officially ON in our household, hooooraaayyy!

Sleeping-in is in my top to do list and Little Miss is indulging in her easy reading & lego friends building , we’re definitely slowing down our daily routine prior NYC Trip in July.

On that note, Eloise and Strawberry shortcake (with fresh berries coulis) are perfect Saturday treat, have a great weekend wherever you are ❤

Tommy & Sasha



Sasha is an awesome swimmer and Tommy loves football (his favourite team is MU). These are oreo cupcakes with buttercream frosting, the swimming race pull apart cupcakes cake is one of my favourite creation, I’ve made so many by now I’ve lost count but still the football cupcake were the most requested ones.

I will miss watching these boys in MASA swimming training with my daughter, the endless swim meet and also baking sports theme cupcakes on their birthdays. Farewell kiddos, all the best for you in your new school in Manchester xoxo


The Naked Cupcake

My sweet tooth family love Toblerone chocolate, in the past I’ve baked endless Toblerone brownies whenever an occasion arise. I haven’t baked them until recently I saw the large 400g Toblerone were available on the supermarket shelves here when I did my groceries shopping. It inspired me to do cupcakes with a large piece of Toblerone as a filling.

Sure enough, both my husband and my daughter said it was the best chocolate cupcake in the whole wide world (ahem!).When I asked them which one they preferred, with frosting (chocolate ganache) or without, they voted without frosting, hence they called it the naked cupcake ❤

Apparently the creamy Toblerone made it just perfect and without the frosting they can see the tip of a tiny hint of the hidden treasure (my husband jokingly said I should bake some without any Toblerone in it, such a meany!). On that note, the naked cupcake is definitely a keeper!