Red Wine & Chocolate

chocolate red wine 2

chocolate red wine

Introducing our cupcake of the month for March 2015; the truly moist and decadent Red Wine & Chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate frosting, our newest cupcake flavour for the Grown-Ups! Once you’ve tried it guarantee you’ll you reach for more, it’s absolutely delicious.

These heavenly cupcakes in the picture were baked especially for my gravotonic yoga teacher Francesca, I packed them in a box then secured it with satin ribbon, the whole colour coordination is resembling the Italian flag, her country of origin.

francesca 1

francesca 2

francesca 3

PS. If you are in Manila, you have a big chance to try these yummy baked goodies 🙂

Strawberry Delight

© Esti 2014 strawberry


I found fresh local strawberry at the Farmers Market here in Manila recently, the fruit vendor told me they’re from Baguio. Purchased several tiny boxes out of curiosity, tried it with my daughter after school and we’re both puckering up, it was tart and super sour!

Nevertheless, I didn’t want to waste it so I decided to make fresh strawberry filling out of it. Baked vanilla cupcake today, added the strawberry filling and frost it with buttercream. The result: DELICIOUS. My daughter has second helping and so was I. We LOVE it.

© Esti 20143U4A5767


Will definitely get some more strawberry soon 🙂

Durian Cupcake

Baked my very first batch of cupcakes filled with home made Durian custard today, served it as dessert during lunch with friends, send it out to some friends that loves durian and last but not least enjoying it with my daughter for tea when she’s back from school, can’t get enough of it!

Regarded as “King of the Fruit” in South East Asia, Durian has distinctive odour that is very strong, pleasantly sweet fragrance to some people but others find the aroma overpowering and revolting. I tried durian for the first time when we live in Bangkok, Thailand several years back, it was served as pancake filling. There was no trace of the over powering odour and it has such a sweet and creamy taste that surprisingly nice and enjoyable. My daughter grow a liking for the unusual taste as well, she is truly Mini Me 🙂

Found some sweet  fragrance durian in the farmers market here in Manila, I’ve made custard out of it then store it in a mason jar in the fridge overnight. Baked vanilla cupcakes earlier today, filled it up with the durian custard and frost it with cream cheese frosting, absolutely delicious. Some photos of Little Miss enjoying her durian filled cupcake.

To all Durian lovers in Manila, you can get your durian filled cupcake from us, place your order now.


durian 1

durian 2

durian 3

durian 4

durian 5

Caramel & Chocolate

© Esti 2013_caramel chocolate Yes, my family are crazy about these 2 flavours. Meet my latest combo of delicious concoction, it’s Caramel cupcake with dulce de leche filling and chocolate ganache icing. It is heavenly. My daughter polished it off her plate and asked for more. © Esti 2013-Little Miss Brought a tray of this yummy treat to Triathlete family gathering in friends house just now and it was a big hit, one happy baker here. © Esti 2013_caramel & chocolate