Market Findings


Once a week I made a trip to Farmers Market nearby our neck of the wood here in Manila, it’s my way of knowing what fresh items are in season. This week I discovered that avocados and mangoes were crowding the shelves on fresh fruits sections, hoooraayy!

My daughter will have her favourite sliced mangoes and freshly baked alfajores for her after school activities snacks today and Saba banana fritter for me, yum!

Sweet Treat

Sweet Treat

Our family love caramel on everything! Trio treat from top to bottom : Caramel flan, Chocolate cupcake with dulce de leche filling and buttercream frosting, Alfajores (eggless caramel cookie with dulce de leche & dusted with confectioner sugar).

Needless to say I’ve been baking up a storm this weekend.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


© Esti 2014 Metrobank 1

These are 50th birthday pull apart cupcakes cake for Riko, consists of Chococolate cupcakes with Nutella filling, Cookies and Cream (oreo) cupcakes, Vanilla cupcakes and Caramel cupcakes with Dulce de Leche filling. The Classic Metrobank credit card and Platinum credit card image were made with freestyle hand drawing and cut out sugar fondant.

Thank you Dewi for the challenge, 2 pull apart cupcakes cake in 1 order, my first time ever.

Happy birthday Riko!

© Esti 2014 Metrobank 2

We’re Back

© Esti 2014 caramel chocolate

Hello everyone,

My daughter and I went to Bali to visit my parents and my family for couple of weeks, just got back yesterday morning and I must say that we had a blast. We did so many things in 2 weeks time that my Hubby can’t keep up with our itinerary *grin* above all its amazing to see my daughter interact with her cousins and start picking up the language, playing indeed is the fastest way to learn something new.

Now that we’re back in Manila, its catching up time with friends and let the baking begin.


PS. These are caramel cupcakes with dulce de leche filling and chocolate frosting.

60th Birthday

© Esti 2014 Golf


I am grateful for my golfer husband, he’s the one who told me where to put the green, the bunker, the water, the 3 different kind of grass texture for this puzzle cupcake cake, his first time designing an edible mini golf 🙂 These Golf theme cupcakes were Mbak Wati’s order for her husband 60th birthday celebration. Consists of Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling and buttercream frosting (the green grass), Caramel cupcake with dulce de leche filling with butter cream frosting (the Putting Green) and oreo cupcake with chocolate buttercream costing (the bunker) it’s one of my favourite project this week. By the way, this is her 2nd time ordering birthday cupcakes from us, her first cupcake order was the famous Alpacasso theme cupcakes for her daughter birthday party.

Thank you Mbak Wati and Happy Birthday Bli Putu Kamayana.

© Esti 2014DSCN0932

© Esti 2014DSCN0937

Mona’s Yellow Roses

Mona's Yellow Roses

These are caramel cupcakes with dulce de leche filling and buttercream frosting. My friend Mona came to Manila over the weekend and she hand carry these beauties to Bangkok. She used to order dozens of yellow roses cupcakes from me when I live in Bangkok, good times!

Save travels Majestic Mona.