Little Miss and I had fun-tastic bonding time in Hongkong. For once we have no fixed plans other than having a good time. We’ve met up with our friends from Shanghai, kiddos had lovely time catching up over breakfast and had a wonderful time exploring Hongkong Park. We had a blast in Disneyland, loving the High Tea at The Peninsula and had so much fun trying all different kind of cuisines, scenery and shopping mall. Enjoy the photos ❤️


pink ariel

There is only one beautiful child in the world

and every mother has it.

I love you to the moon and back Little Miss,

thank you for choosing me to be your Mum.


Manila, Mother’s Day weekend 2015


Happy Holidays



Dessert table

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Cooked up a storm for our annual Christmas dinner in our home, made some of my signature dishes (beef rendang, pork ribs and roasted chicken) dessert table was dominated by chocolate ( 3 layers chocolate cake with caramel filling and chocolate ganache icing, oreo cupcake, chocolate cookies, chocolate pralines). So happy I pull it through with no major hiccups, the food was enjoyed by all and I receive nothing but compliment, cheers to that!


So This Is Christmas

Sunday activities in our household, between typhoon warning and all the excitement of the festive holiday approaching we stayed warm and cozy in my kitchen. We’ve made chocolate crackles (rice krispies & mars bars), marshmallow dipped in chocolate (my daughter favourite) and X’mas chocolate cookies. Most of our baked goodies were packed and delivered to I Love Street Kids project in Manila.

Happy Holidays! 

xmas 1

xmas 2

xmas 3

xmas 4

xmas 5

xmas 7

xmas 8

street kids project


Christmas Cookies

© Esti 2013_xmas cookies

© Esti 2013~xmas cookies

© Esti 20133U4A2616

It’s our family tradition to baked festive cookies for family and friends in December, the most waited time of the year. This time around the cookies even made it safe and sound to Vancouver, Canada! I’ve made 2 sizes of sugar cookies this year, the large ones were individually wrapped as hampers filling and the bite size ones were served in our annual christmas dinner party. I also baked oatmeal with chocolate chips and M&M’s cookies (Santa’s favourite) and festive pinwheel cookies (my daughter favourite). Nothing beat freshly baked cookies for the holiday.

Wishing you joyful Christmas wherever you are.

© Esti 2013-xmas cookies individually wrapped

© Esti 2013 mini xmas cookies

© Esti 2013-snowflakes cookies

© Esti 2013chocolate chips

© Esti 2013 pinwheels

Caramel & Chocolate

© Esti 2013_caramel chocolate Yes, my family are crazy about these 2 flavours. Meet my latest combo of delicious concoction, it’s Caramel cupcake with dulce de leche filling and chocolate ganache icing. It is heavenly. My daughter polished it off her plate and asked for more. © Esti 2013-Little Miss Brought a tray of this yummy treat to Triathlete family gathering in friends house just now and it was a big hit, one happy baker here. © Esti 2013_caramel & chocolate

Happy Birthday, Miguel!

Surprise birthday cupcakes that I made for my Hubby.

40 Strawberry filled strawberry cupcakes and 40 Caramel filled caramel cupcakes the evening before and frosting it the minute he left to work, it was a nice surprise, his colleague, his staff and my daughter play their part very well, she can keep secret at 4 years old *grin*

Below image is my Hubby in his office with his staff, Feliz Cumpleanos Miki !