Ariel turns 4

My little girl been asking me this question daily ” Is it my birthday today, Mami?”
“Are you baking cupcake for my party?”

Finally today I can say “Yes, sweetie-pie, it is your birthday!”

When I asked her who she wants to invite for her birthday party prior to her big day, to my surprise she said “All my friends Mami but no boys please.”

So I came up with 2 split party to celebrate her special day, cupcakes and snacks for her classmates in school and a tea & tutu party for her girlfriends and their beautiful mommies at Shangri-La Residence function room. Run around Jakarta organizing everything in less than a week (in between baking orders obviously!) and thanks to some wonderful friends that helps me make everything possible (yes, you … thank YOU), everything went smoothly.

Happy 4th birthday Arielita, we love you so much !!!

Ariel 4th bday 1

Ariel 4th bday 2

Ariel 4th bday 3

Ariel 4th bday 4

Ariel 4th bday 5

Ariel 4th bday 6

Ariel 4th bday 7
Ariel 4th bday 8

Under the Sea

Ocean Theme Amrita

Adhiti’s order for her daughter 14th birthday party, 38 chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting and under the sea creatures theme. All toppers were made by yours truly with edible chocolate, my favourite is the dolphin!

Happy birthday Amrita!

200 Rose Cupcakes

Lupi’s order for Ira’s 50th Birthday party favor.
Consists of 36 Vanilla (Purple Roses), 36 Lemon (Yellow Roses), 36 Oreo (Orange Roses), 36 Strawberry filled (Pink Roses) & 48 Nutella filled chocolate (Chocolate color roses) all individually packed with half dome mika container, label and gold ribbon.

I sent another half dozen mixed roses as an extra for the office girls to share, thank you for the order Mbak Lupi.

WIC Bazaar at Jakarta International Convention Centre

My friend Lesley from Lelby living asked me to do a collaboration in this 2 days event (Oct 28 &29), and I say yes … its the biggest bazaar venue and the longest too, also the second day being my birthday is just to sweet.

I was thrilled to see my family and closed friends enjoying my red velvet cupcakes and shopping at the bazaar, absolutely fantastic.

PS. I sold over 400 cupcakes on the spot in 2 days and received so many inquires for upcoming events, yaaayyyy!

62 + 1


These are Mrs.Juni’s order for her daughter Felisha’s 1st B’day party.

The tier consists of 62 standard size cupcakes in oreo, chocolate and vanilla flavor, the pink giant cupcake cake is chocolate and banana cake with caramel filling and buttercream frosting. All fondant cupcakes topper (elmo, cookie monster, bee,butterfly, little girl and ladybug) are hand made by yours truly.

Below is her feedback on my Multiply page … one happy baker here !!!

honeynbabes wrote today at 10:05 AM
dear mbak esti,

thank u so much for such a wonderful and delicious cupcakes …
Felisha loves them so much,
Children couldn’t stop starred at them and had no patient to wait until they were allowed to grab one ^-^
Even parents were so admired …
Thank you