Happy Lemon

Sweet ending of the swimming season this school term, Little Miss collected her medals from ISM Fall Swim Meet, she won 2 Gold (50m Back & 50m Butterfly) and 2 Silver (100 IM & 50 Breast), fantastic efforts mi amor, we’re very proud of you!

I baked lemon cupcakes to celebrate her achievements for tea, no more bleachers till January for this Mama, bring on the holidays ❤️


Out of the blue my daughter Sunday morning Football practice were moved to later on in the afternoon and happily we’re back in the baking studio. Decided to make my personal favourite cupcake (lemon cupcake!) since I’ve got 5kg fresh lemon in my fridge (we love fresh lemonade too) and skipped my usual cream cheese frosting due to the unbearable summer heat in Manila these days (warm cream cheese frosting is definitely a big no no) . Made extra large batch lemon curd instead, my idea was to use it as a filling and frosting at the same time.

Guess what, it works beautifully! I love the way the curd oozing when you bite on the cupcake, absolutely delicious and my daughter was having so much fun piping the lemon curd, this is definitely an ultimate Summer treat.


lemon curd

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


rainbow 1 rainbow 2 rainbow 3

Such a fun project, these edible rainbow were lemon cupcake with lemon curd filling and buttercream frosting requested by my friend Pam. I got carried away piping the buttercream frosting, love it that none of the cupcake has exact same colour pattern, so pretty!


© Esti 2014 frozen 2

© Esti 2014 lemon cupcake

Hiroko’s order for her daughter birthday party, Vanilla cupcakes with Walt Disney movie Frozen theme and Lemon cupcakes with lemon curd filling & cream cheese frosting.

My daughter and I watched Frozen the movie so many times that I lost count, at some moment we’ve got the movie soundtrack playing in the car endlessly (like every other family I guess). I love all 3 main characters from the movie but Anna was my favourite, especially the part when she sing “Do you want to build a snowman…”

Happy birthday Eriko!

© Esti 2014 Frozen Anna

Tri-Lemon Cupcake

Happy New Year, everyone!

We had fun-tastic trip visiting family and spending time over the holidays in Canada, got back to Manila now all recharged and happy.

My first time back to my baking studio this week, I decided to revamp my favourite lemon cupcakes recipe, this time I filled it with lemon curd and added lemon juice to the cream cheese frosting also reduced the confectioner sugar. The result? Absolutely DELICIOUS, the frosting is tangy and really soft melt-in-your-mouth kind, the lemon curd give subtle sour kick in every bite, that’s it … I found the perfect Tri-Lemon combination, just heavenly.

© Esti 2014 tri lemon 1

© Esti 2014 tri lemon 2

© Esti 2013_MG_4354

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