Marta and her family are moving to Michigan, USA early September this year, she ordered mini vanilla cupcakes for her daughter farewell party in her kindergarten. Preferred color was pink and purple, my favorite 🙂

Farewell Cupcakes

My neighbor in the previous apartment ordered these red velvet and vanilla mini cupcakes for their farewell party. Since I know some of them speaks in different languages I add several “farewell” words like tschuss, goodbye, zai jian, adios, etc. on the vanilla cupcakes. We’ve used to see each other on the playground and at the park so many times but they all went back to their home countries now, we miss you all terribly. Big group hugs from Shanghai!


Josefina’s 6th Birthday

Maria and her family just arrived in Shanghai 2 weeks ago and she found out about my cupcakes through one of the school Mom. My daughter and Josefina are in the same grade at BISS Pudong but different class. As per her mother request I made 36 mini vanilla cupcakes in pink and purple for her to bring to school, I love pink and purple color combination, had a great time decorating these ones.

Feliz cumpleanos, Josefina.


Pink & Purple for Zoe

Can’t believe she turned 4 years old this week !

When I met Elke in Jakarta for the first time Zoe was still in her tummy, then we went to see her in the hospital the day after she was born. Before she turn 1 years old the whole family move to Bangkok, so glad we finally could celebrate Zoe’s 4th birthday here … we’re thrilled !
Happy birthday to you, Little Miss, wishing you all the best always.