m kisses-1

My current baking obsession, Meringue Kisses! They are sweet, crisp and light which made it so irresistible. I’m working on a few different flavours these days (and eating them too!) so watch this space xx

100 Days

Audrey’s tiny bump that we’ve celebrated with a Pink Baby Showers several months back now turns into a beautiful bouncing baby girl. The Liu family invited us to baby Larissa lovely 100 days celebration over the weekend so I’ve got to see her in person for the first time. She’s absolutely adorable!

For the special occasion Audrey’s asked me to make flower garden theme cupcakes with soft pastel colours combination, such a nice break from all the farewell’s theme cupcake, LOVE it!

Some photos of us from the party, enjoy.

Weekend Treat


cupcake 1

monster cookies

My daughter went to her first School Residential Trip with her whole year group to Caliraya in Laguna. It’s her first overnighter trip without me and hubby, she was thrilled and I was miserable with separation anxiety. I spent the whole day baking her favourite treat to get the day went by faster, I’ve made Chocolate chips Madeleine, Monster Cookies (Oatmeal and M&M’s cookies) and Chocolate cupcakes with dulce de leche filling & buttercream frosting. I had it all set up for tea when she’s back home and she enjoyed them while telling me all sorts of stories from her trip. Bottom line she had a great time and sleep deprived (the girls spent most of their sleeping time talking to each other until wee hours, naturally!) but I was over the moon, my baby girl is back, wohoooo! One happy Mama here ❤