Means love in Indonesian (my mother tongue) and it’s my daughter middle name.

These freshly baked chocolate cookies with royal icing were my treat for her since she had a very busy weeks competing in Gymnastics and Swimming representing her school team this term. We are very proud of her, she achieved her goals and medalling in every competition.


Congratulations Little Miss Cinta, your hard training days definitely pays off!



Christmas Cookies

© Esti 2013_xmas cookies

© Esti 2013~xmas cookies

© Esti 20133U4A2616

It’s our family tradition to baked festive cookies for family and friends in December, the most waited time of the year. This time around the cookies even made it safe and sound to Vancouver, Canada! I’ve made 2 sizes of sugar cookies this year, the large ones were individually wrapped as hampers filling and the bite size ones were served in our annual christmas dinner party. I also baked oatmeal with chocolate chips and M&M’s cookies (Santa’s favourite) and festive pinwheel cookies (my daughter favourite). Nothing beat freshly baked cookies for the holiday.

Wishing you joyful Christmas wherever you are.

© Esti 2013-xmas cookies individually wrapped

© Esti 2013 mini xmas cookies

© Esti 2013-snowflakes cookies

© Esti 2013chocolate chips

© Esti 2013 pinwheels

Royal Love

Ohhhh .. I have to post this photo in particular !!!
These are my new love to royal icing .. beware, you’ll see many cuppies with royal icing coming up.

Girls gotta have fun too ;o)

Flower Power

These are made from Royal Icing, I’m getting ready for my Mother’s Day Cuppie theme.

Spent the whole Sunday making them, must say that Royal Icing is very tricky to work (they’re drying FAST in my mixing bowl !) but the result is worth it .. I just found my new passion here ;o)