Mona’s Yellow Roses

Mona's Yellow Roses

These are caramel cupcakes with dulce de leche filling and buttercream frosting. My friend Mona came to Manila over the weekend and she hand carry these beauties to Bangkok. She used to order dozens of yellow roses cupcakes from me when I live in Bangkok, good times!

Save travels Majestic Mona.

Thomas Birthday

Thomas Bday Cupcakes

Thomas Bday Cupcakes

These are 24 vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting, Kirsten’s order for Thomas 7th birthday celebration in school. Birthday boy had choosen the color combination of white, yellow, orange and green for the cupcake frosting and topper, my first time ever creating this sort of color combination and loving it, thank you Thomas and Happy birthday!

Thomas Bday Cupcakes

Thomas Bday Cupcakes

Happy Boo-Day!

Autumn has finally arrived in Shanghai!

The temperature is really pleasant to go out and about now, the tree colors are slowly changing too, it’s really lovely. To get in the Halloween mood (our first in China) I baked oreo cupcakes, add an orange color for the buttercream frosting and dressed it up with laser cut custom made Halloween wrapper courtessy of my awesome friend at (thank you, Sherri!) voila … they are ready to party.

Happy Boo Day!