Happy 4th

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Happy 4th of July!

It’s also my daughter BFF birthday so I’m sticking to Red, White and Blue colour combination for her 8th birthday cupcakes. Every year we have a small tradition to celebrate Joni’s special day with a private tea party in our place, this year both girls were into piano and belly dancing so I got to enjoy both performances and laughters. By the way, I love using magic candles on birthday cupcakes, after endless huffing and puffing the girls finally can enjoy their cupcake ❤

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V Day Tea Party

My daughter invited her girlfriends over for Valentine’s Day tea party after school.
Earlier this week when I asked her what food she wants for the party her answer was “Lot’s of chocolate and pink stuff, Mami.” Got it, loud and clear.

Off I went baking up a storm, I made Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, strawberry dipped in chocolate, heart shape chocolate cookies with 1001’s, meringue kisses, dulce de leche bischoco and fruit salad. Got store-bought raspberry covered in dark chocolate, pink & purple honeycombs and flower tea, voila the tea party is good to go!

© Esti 2014 red velvet heart

© Esti 2014 chocolate heart cookies

© Esti 2014 strawberry

© Esti 2014 tea party

Did the table set up with my treasured cupcake print mini tea cup set, cupcake place mat and pink table cloth, it’s a pink party alright!

Then the Little Ladies arrived, laughter were shared between flower tea, cupcake, rainbow loom and hugs.

© Esti 20143 tea party

Little Ladies

Definitely one happy mama here!