Sunday Swim, Slime, Play

Once in a blue moon my daughter will asked me sweetly if she can have playdate on her day off. As you know, her daily schedule on weekdays were jam packed with school activities and sports training. Every few weekends I do give in and let her play the whole day, after all she’s just a child who happened to be an athlete.

After a few text messages on a sunny Sunday her friend Bea arrived and all I can hear were endless chatter and laughter, they had a good swim (both were swimmer), went tumbling in our apartment indoor kids playground (yup, both were gymnasts) and made DIY slime (I’m still not a big fan but I have no saying on this one, they’re crazy about it *sigh*). For their merienda I baked banana bread in mini heart shape tin, cooked ramen noodle with broccoli and sliced few oranges, not in the picture were cheese curls and mini chocolate bars that they chowed in between playing. It was really nice to see both girls had fun-tastic time and I promised them we’ll have another one plan very soon ❤

Time Is Precious

Hello everyone,

It’s been 2 weeks since we’re back from our fun-tastic Feuermann’s Family Reunion in Thailand. I’m going through all our photos from so many different devices (cameras, camera phone, drone, waterproof camera, you name it we’ve used it!) every single one of them were priceless and obviously nowhere near done compiling them. Here’s a few snippets of the trip taken with my iPhone, will try to do a few photo blogs of some great adventures that the 15 of us did in another blog soon.

Last but not least, my New Year resolution is to enjoy everything on the present moment. Also please note that I’m grateful for every single one of you that make the time to read my random musings, wishing you all an amazing 2017.



My parents-in-law are currently visiting us here in Manila, all the way from Vancouver. They’ve got to see my daughter year group Christmas production in school (it’s really amazing, we’re all very impressed!). They watched my daughter attending her gymnastics training and swimming training. We took them for a bike tour with Bamboo bike in Intramuros ( Bambike PH, a must try, you’ll learn a lot about Philippines history in less than 3 hours, highly recommend it). Last but not least we went for a long weekend getaway to Mactan, Cebu. We all had a blast enjoying the Sea, Sand and Sun.

Back in Manila now, I made Alfajores from scratch for today’s tea, YUM!





Calm before the party, the day that we’ve been waiting for is finally here!

Earlier today I baked small batch of marbled cupcakes with buttercream frosting and light blue M&M (hand carry from New York <3) for our Sunday morning treat.  Cut the story short, my better half got us tickets to watch The Blue Man Group at The Theatre in Solaire for their 2 pm show and we’re all very excited, heard really good reviews about them.

And yes, the show was absolutely superb! We’re sitting at the Splatter Zone (we’ve got rain coat to wear but its really not necessary) and had a blast. Anyway,  not gonna spoil it further but if you haven’t seen them yet they have couple more shows the next weekend in Manila, grab your tickets now, highly recommended!